• Thought of the Day

    Be Your Imperfectly Perfect Self

    Thought of the Day: Take control of your own happiness…free yourself of negative people…give people you don’t know a fair chance…show people kindness and respect and accept people for the way they are, you can’t change anyone…encourage others and cheer them on…be your imperfectly perfect self…forgive others and move forward…do little things every day for others without expecting anything in return…always be loyal..stay in better touch with the people who matter to you…keep your promises and tell the truth…give what you want to receive…allow others to make their own decisions…talk a little less and listen a lot more…leave petty arguments alone…pay attention to who your real friends are…let those that…

  • Thought of the Day

    You Can’t Be Replaced

    Thought of The Day: Money nor possessions is what makes us rich..those things can be replaced. It is rather who we are inside and those that we choose to love…both are free but priceless & irreplaceable! So be a shining light for those that you love every day.  Please follow and like us:

  • Thought of the Day

    Stop Living Life So Safe

    Thought of the Day: Life is way too short to live completely safe…take chances…take risks…don’t just think outside the box but live outside the box…be goofy…refuse to grow up…find someone that understands your level of crazy and shares in that same level…don’t be afraid to love and find someone that makes you fall in love with them every single day all over again…live in the moment and never take a single one for granted….you never know if it will be your last.   Thank you for stopping by with me for a few minutes and be sure to subscribe to my chaos! Please follow and like us:

  • Thought of the Day

    Start Each Day With Gratitude

    Thought of the Day: The good Lord above gives each of us a great life to begin with…it is up to US to cherish and enjoy each day and make it the best that we can…He did not give us a life meant to be complicated and difficult..that is not in His plan…what and how we choose to live our life is solely on our shoulders…so start each day with gratitude no matter what troubles you may have..be thankful for your blessings and more blessings will come…   Thank you for stopping by for a few minutes with me and be sure to subscribe to my chaos! Please follow and…

  • Thought of the Day

    Be Stronger Than What Life Hands You

    Thought of the Day: Life is never easy but you have to be able to be stronger than what it hands you..you have to be true to who you are and never be ashamed to show it..be honest, loyal, faithful, caring, loving, and kind for those are the things you will be remembered for..find something or someone you truly believe in and support it or them any way you can..love completely when you find it and cherish the moments that bring you happiness for those are the moments that will get you through the bad times…and most important…pass it on. Thank you for stopping in for a few minutes with…

  • Thought of the Day

    Pain is Part of Life

    Thought of the Day: Pain is part of life…it creates a well inside of you…your job is deciding what to fill it up with…Love or Fear….it is your choice on where you draw your strength from…focus on the people around you and how you can uplift their life and you draw your strength from Love….focus on yourself and the pain and you draw strength from Fear which only tends to weaken you…. Thank you for stopping by for a few minutes with me and be sure to subscribe to my chaos!! Please follow and like us:

  • Me Myself and I

    Give Yourself A Pat On the Back

    It’s me again!  I know, shocking!  Two days in a row of blogging, but I set my goals for September (read that blog HERE) and I fully intend to make the best effort possible to stick with it. So what is on my chaotic mind today?  I’d like to remind everyone to take a moment each day and pat yourself on the back for something you are proud of accomplishing recently.  Yes, you heard me.  Take just a few minutes and really think about something that you have recently finished or accomplished that has been on your to do list or goal list for awhile. For me, it is a…

  • Money Saving Sites & Apps,  save money

    Top 5 Apps I Use To Save Money!!

    This week I want to bring you a quick money saving post of the top five apps that I use on a daily or weekly basis to save TONS of money!  These apps are free to download and most if not all are available on both android and iphone.  I have literally saved enough money with these apps to pay for Christmas each year!  Why would you keep throwing money away when you don’t have to???  Let’s get started! 1. Dollar General App The first app, and probably the one I use the most is the Dollar General Coupons app.  This app is wonderful for saving tons of money every…

  • Humor In My House,  Me Myself and I

    Decluttering…Why You Should Make It A Habit

    Clutter, clutter everywhere!!!  We live in a “gotta have it” kind of society these days. We see something “shiny” that advertises on TV or that one of our friends or neighbors has and we immediately start thinking “oh that would make my life sooooo much easier, better, happier”.  In some cases, depending on what it is the “shiny” is, this may be true.  What we don’t realize is that the more “shiny” that we bring into our lives the less space we have to enjoy it if we don’t move some of the old shiny OUT. This is why I try to do a 15 minute one box declutter at…

  • Me Myself and I

    Dealing With Adversity In Life…Coping With Chaos

    It never fails.  Things are going along smoothly, you are being productive, everyone is happy at least 85% of the time, and you have settled into a peaceful existence with hope for the future and gratefulness for the present.   And then it happens….BAM!  Life.  That sneaky little part of the universe that says “she/he just seems too happy…let’s change that.” Now I’m not saying that it is inevitable that something bad is always going to happen to alter the path of good that you are on, but the likelihood that something will happen to test you on that path is very, very high.  So, how do we handle those sudden…


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