Michelle is a single 43 year old mom who works full time as an office manager for a local HVAC company.  She has been divorced for 6.5 years after being married for sixteen and a half years and has two beautiful daughters, Kristen and Haley.  Kristen is a successful Physical Therapy Assistant and Haley is in high school. Michelle lives in a small community, is a softball mom, she is also known as the local “coupon queen”. Michelle also loves to scour thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and online sale sights for the old and forgotten furniture pieces and items that can repurposed, recycled, redone, or upcycled into something beautiful.  She enjoys doing crafts on a budget and she has recently obtained her Professional Organizing Specialist certification.  Michelle is a Jill of all trades but has learned to survive and make a better life for herself and her kids through all of this.  Join her on this journey called life and weed through the chaos with her!!


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