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The January Ipsy Bag…Worth It or Not?

I have a confession….I’m a new Ipsy subscriber.  There, I said it.  I’m probably one of a handful of women who have NOT jumped head first into trying this little glamour subscription but I’ve never been much of a “glamour mom” anyway.  I was lucky to get a shower and a little eyeliner on each day just to keep from scaring people when they turned my direction.  That being said, I decided that since turning 40 (I am a little over that but whose counting), that it was taking more effort to NOT look 40 and I needed some extra help!  Sooooo, I was turned onto Ipsy by a friend of mine.  Basically you sign up for a monthly subscription and they send you roughly 5 beauty products based on your skin type, hair type, color likes, etc.  And they send it in a pretty bag….every single month….(you can cancel at any time).  The January bag was my first goodie delivery.  Keep in mind, these are mostly sample size products used to entice you to buy the full size of the product if you like it, but for $10 a month it’s not that bad of a deal.  Here is the bag for January…..

Not bad, but not my taste really…it’s a vivid blue with a yellow and pink stripe and the inside is lime green…yes, lime green.   Great for teenagers, me not so much being a 42 year old mama!  Regardless though it was still ok.  The sample products in my Ipsy bag were surprising to say the least.  The first item I received was the DLS (Dirty Little Secret) Eye shadow.  I have to admit, I LOVED the color.  It was in a bronzie (is that a word?) color, which is what I like to wear all the time.  Product 1 is a win.

Next, I received something I was pretty excited about….it was the Caviar CC Creme for my hair.  I’ve struggled for years with dry, course hair and have to use products to keep the frizz and dryness to a minimum level.  I have yet (at the time of this post) to try it but the reviews so far are great, so I’m excited! Product 2 is definitely a win.

The third product in the bag was the Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner.  I’ve never been much on liquid eyeliner because I wear contacts and it irritates them.  So this will be a product that I will let my teenager try out.  I do wish there was a way to choose what type of a certain makeup product you prefer but for now the option doesn’t seem to be available.  Product 3 is a tie since I won’t get to use it but my daughter will.

Coming out of the bag next was the Trust Fund Beauty Lip Scrub.  WIN!  I can already tell you that my daughter and I have fought over who gets to use this one.  I won of course but I’m going to wave the white flag and let her dip into it too especially since this terrible cold weather we are having has wreaked havoc on the poor kids lips.

Last but not least, the fifth item in the bag was the Stayput Brow Gel….NO….just NO.  This is definitely not for me.  It’s sticky, feels heavy, and shines on my forehead like reflectors offering guidance on a landing strip.  Product 5, epic fail in our house.

Overall, I will give the Ipsy bag for January a solid 7 out of 10 ranking.  As for the subscription itself, I will give it a solid 8 so far, but then I remind you that I am a new subscriber so we shall see how the next couple of months go.  Be sure you check back later in February for another bag review!!!  And if you want to give Ipsy a try for yourself use this IPSY link to get started!!!


I am not getting paid by Ipsy or any other company to give this review, these are my honest and personal opinions of the products included.  If you choose to use the link above to sign up for Ipsy it will earn points for me, so thank you!

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