Thought of the Day

Be Your Imperfectly Perfect Self

Thought of the Day:

Take control of your own happiness…free yourself of negative people…give people you don’t know a fair chance…show people kindness and respect and accept people for the way they are, you can’t change anyone…encourage others and cheer them on…be your imperfectly perfect self…forgive others and move forward…do little things every day for others without expecting anything in return…always be loyal..stay in better touch with the people who matter to you…keep your promises and tell the truth…give what you want to receive…allow others to make their own decisions…talk a little less and listen a lot more…leave petty arguments alone…pay attention to who your real friends are…let those that you love know how much you love and appreciate them every day…and last but not least….LOVE YOURSELF BEYOND ALL MEASURE and know your self worth!! Everyone have a blessed day 


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Just a single mom at 42 trying to raise two daughters and juggle all of the chaos that life throws at me.

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