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Being Thankful, Grateful, and Sane

It’s that time of year again.  You know, the time of year we take off work to spend quality time with our family and friends, stuffing ourselves with turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings to the point of sending ourselves into a turkey coma.  And then of course there are the days that follow where everyone goes crazy insane trying to fight and beat the crowds to the amazingly discounted (insert sarcasm at any point here) deals on one of the biggest shopping days, or weekends, of the year.  Yes folks, its Thanksgiving.

While this should be a time of being thankful and grateful, we have to also remember that there are those who are not as fortunate to have family or close friends to share this special time with.  Then there are those who do have wonderful people in their life to spend time with, but they are fighting an internal battle with themselves to celebrate with as much enthusiasm as they can muster up, smile when they feel like crying, laugh when the need arises, and pray they can get through long enough to make it back to the seclusion and safety of their own home.  The struggle is very real.

We also have to look at the comical side of things during this wonderful season too.  We all have that one family member, some families have several I’m sure, that always seems to be on edge.  The one that is the control freak, the “gotta do everything” person, the always looking on the dark side of things person, the can’t seem to just relax and enjoy the moments person.  I’m betting that as you read that sentence, at least one person came to mind.  Admit it.  We all have one.  No names shall be spoken so the guilty parties will never know they were on the “list” of persons to avoid during the family get togethers.  Avoiding these people is not meant to be a bad thing, but words of advice would be that as soon as you sense that those “edge” tendencies are starting to surface, you quickly turn your focus to someone else and attempt to either change the subject or proceed to stuff your face in order to appear unable to continue conversation.  All of these tactics are solely meant to retain some shred of sanity and prevent any blowups that might cause further tension at the next holiday family gathering.

Then there is the empty chair(s).  Holidays are meant to be happy and fill your heart and soul with warmth and love.  But what about the empty chair(s) left by those who have passed on or left your life.  It’s in the moments when you set down to eat and you realize that no one is sitting in those chairs out of respect for the one(s) who sat there for years before.  No one says anything, everyone is thinking it though.  It’s in these moments that we should take the time to just be thankful and grateful for all of the years that we did have that someone in those empty chairs.  Remember all of the laughter, stories, and love that we shared with them, and pray that someday we will meet with them again.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving this year.  Be kind to each other, pray together and for each other.  Remember to be thankful and grateful for all the moments, good or bad, that you still have with family and friends that are still in your life.  Remember those who are less fortunate than you are and take a few moments to brighten their day in some way.  You may be the only thing that helps keep them sane during this time of year.  Love to you all, and bless your own chaotic mess.

Thanks for swinging by for a few minutes with me today and God bless!

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