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Give Yourself A Pat On the Back

It’s me again!  I know, shocking!  Two days in a row of blogging, but I set my goals for September (read that blog HERE) and I fully intend to make the best effort possible to stick with it.

So what is on my chaotic mind today?  I’d like to remind everyone to take a moment each day and pat yourself on the back for something you are proud of accomplishing recently.  Yes, you heard me.  Take just a few minutes and really think about something that you have recently finished or accomplished that has been on your to do list or goal list for awhile.

For me, it is a couple of things.  The first one is that I finally got rid of the blood red walls in my living room.  I’ve painted it into a more relaxing, soothing, and farmhouse style room that I completely adore coming home to.  If you had seen this room before (I will insert a pic) you would understand how the most simple thing as paint can be so exciting.  I decluttered the room and have been slowly redecorating it in the style that I love.  I’m very much proud of this huge and dramatic change to my home and it has encouraged me to continue the process to other rooms in my house.  No worries, I will bring completed photos of my living room in a later blog post in the coming weeks!


Which leads me to my next accomplishment, the laundry room makeover.  This was another massive overhaul that was dramatic to the extent that the change not only made the room more inviting but has also motivated us to keep our laundry completely caught up!!  This makes me think that if I get to the kitchen remodel I might become a Martha Stewart cook-a-like (get it??) and also be able to eat off my floors (let’s not get crazy, I know).  There is always room to dream though.  If you haven’t seen the laundry room makeover, here is the link where you can see the dramatic change.  I’m so proud!

So, what are you proud of recently?  Drop a comment below so that we can all give you a pat on the back!  Besides, if we can’t support each other and be each other’s best cheerleaders, it becomes a quiet and lonely world and we start to forget just how wonderful each of us really is!!!

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