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Top 5 Apps I Use To Save Money!!

This week I want to bring you a quick money saving post of the top five apps that I use on a daily or weekly basis to save TONS of money!  These apps are free to download and most if not all are available on both android and iphone.  I have literally saved enough money with these apps to pay for Christmas each year!  Why would you keep throwing money away when you don’t have to???  Let’s get started!

  • 1. Dollar General App

The first app, and probably the one I use the most is the Dollar General Coupons app.  This app is wonderful for saving tons of money every single week at Dollar General on everything, especially cleaning supplies, health and beauty supplies, etc.  It offers digital coupons to it’s users so there is no paper clipping involved.  It’s very user friendly and easy to get started.

  • 2. Ibotta

The next, and again one that I use weekly, is Ibotta.  This handy app is a favorite among couponers.  You can save money on everything from cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, food, pet supplies, baby products, online shopping, hotel bookings, meal subscriptions, even Walmart online and Groupon!  This app is a do it all kind of app that also offers a BONUS for signing up (FREE) after you have redeemed your first rebate which is very easy to do!  Follow >>THIS LINK<< to get signed up today and start saving HUGE amounts of money NOW!  It’s very easy to use and has great tech support too!

  • 3. Checkout 51

This is another rebate app very similar to Ibotta.  It offers great rebates on household, beauty, pet, and baby but it also offers great deals on organic and fresh foods too.  You can earn bonuses in both apps plus you get new offers consistently every week!

  • 4. Ebates

This is one of my favorite apps to date.  Ebates offers you cash back on purchases at thousands of stores online and in store.  You can earn cash back on vacations, gifts, furniture, whatever you order online (and some in store purchases too) you can earn cash back.  Again, why would you pass up FREE MONEY!!!  Click >>THIS LINK<< to sign up (FREE) and get a BONUS after you make a $25 purchase!  Easy MONEY!!!!

  • 5. Groupon

This is another one of those apps that just continues to surprise me and of course excite me with how much it has to offer.  I never book a vacation, go out to eat, go out for recreation, or shop unless I check this app for a deal first.  You can do a complete spa day for under $50!!!  PLUS if you use your ebates app to buy on groupon you will not only get a heck of a deal but you will also make money back on it too!!  Click >>THIS LINK<< to get signed up for Groupon and start having more fun in your life at a much more economical way!!!

I’ve been doing and teaching couponing and ways to save money for about 10 years now.  If there is money to be saved on ANYTHING I can find it.  There are way too many ways to save money to NOT being doing at least these 5.  Start putting more money back in your pocket TODAY!!!

I am not sponsored by any of these apps to write this article, however if you click on the links to sign up I may be compensated for a referral.  Thank you for all your support!!!

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