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Decluttering…Why You Should Make It A Habit

Clutter, clutter everywhere!!!  We live in a “gotta have it” kind of society these days. We see something “shiny” that advertises on TV or that one of our friends or neighbors has and we immediately start thinking “oh that would make my life sooooo much easier, better, happier”.  In some cases, depending on what it is the “shiny” is, this may be true.  What we don’t realize is that the more “shiny” that we bring into our lives the less space we have to enjoy it if we don’t move some of the old shiny OUT.

This is why I try to do a 15 minute one box declutter at least once a week.  It is the most simple declutter process you can attempt.  Set yourself a timer,  preferably one that has an alarm on it, for 15 minutes.  Get a box, bin, clothes basket, or something that will be easy to carry around with you (a bag will work also).  Start the timer and go at it.

When you are going through your things, try not to put too much thought into the process of whether to keep it or toss it.  If you think too hard on this you will talk yourself into keeping it.  Ask yourself some key questions about items: 1. Do I love it.  2. Does it make me happy and give me happy thoughts.  3. Does it bring value into my life or is it just taking up valuable space in my life.  4. If I need it later, is it something that can be easily replaced.

Asking yourself these 4 questions will help you decide very quickly on whether to keep an item or toss it.  Once you have filled the box and the 15 minute timer has gone off…STOP.  Don’t overload yourself by trying to get it all done at once and in one day.  Rome wasn’t built overnight, your house didn’t get cluttered overnight, it will not get clean overnight.  Ask for help if you need it.

The last, and most important step in this process is to take the box, bag, or bin out of your home immediately.  Take it to the car or truck and drop it off at the local Goodwill, thrift store, helping hands store, or whatever donation type store you have in your area, but drop it off SOON.  Getting the clutter out of your life as quick as possible takes away the temptation to keep the items that you decided to toss.  It frees up your space to clean better.  It gives you a sense of calm and of being more in control.

When our homes are cluttered, our minds tend to be cluttered.  If our minds are cluttered, then every aspect of our life is affected somehow.  It’s a domino effect.  So clear out the clutter from your home, clear out the clutter in your mind, and put your life back on a path of calmness.  Just 15 minutes a day, twice a week, will help you to see a huge difference in your home within one month.

Below is a motivational video from my youtube channel of a recent one box challenge that I did.  Enjoy!!  Let me know in the comments below if you declutter on a regular basis and any tips that you have found to help you declutter and maintain the calm.

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  • Stacy

    Great post! I try to de clutter every once in awhile, but we just have so much stuff that it’s a constant process. This is making me want to work on some clutter today. Good motivation!

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