DIY Your Own Farmhouse Rustic HOME Sign

It’s the current rage right now….farmhouse.  Yes, I’m on the wagon too.  I LOVE the farmhouse look and everything that comes with it.  I live in a genuine 1956 farmhouse therefore I want to have that “farmhouse feel” in my home.  Not only is it cozy and calming but it reminds me so much of long summers at my grandparents house, a time that was my absolute happiest growing up.

I recently started a makeover in my living room and I’m trying to work on decorating one wall at a time.  The entry area of my living room is where I started.  I decided I needed a HOME sign and had pinned several on my pinterest wish board that I knew I would never order because they were so expensive.

So, I decided to make my own.  I headed to Walmart and bought the larger wood letters H, M, and E.


They were out of all “O”s so I had to improvise.  My “O” came from the Dollar General and it is actually a plastic frisbie disk.  The plan is to cover it with twine anyway.  I had a piece of rustic barnwood looking luan board from a previous project that I used as a backing.  The only other supplies I needed were glue sticks, glue gun, twine, a few flowers to dress up the O, and craft paint to paint the letters.


I chose to use a darker shade of blue on the letters because it is the accent color in the room and looked amazing against the new grey walls.  While waiting for the letters to dry, I started wrapping the O (frisbie) in the twine, dabbing hot glue here and there to hold it in place.  I finished the O off by attaching the heads of a few flowers at an angle in one spot.







Next, I measured and cut the luan board to the length I needed and then hot glued the letters to the board in a vertical layout.  I attached a piece of rope to the back to hang it from.

There you have it!!  Very simple and easy to make and very inexpensive!!

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