Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Style Flower Arrangement


Spring is upon us!! Well, almost. It should be but for some reason mother nature has decided she is bored and wants to play mind games with us by using the weather. That is NOT going to stop me from attempting my new round of spring DIY projects to decorate my freshly painted living room!

I’ve went farmhouse crazy and I wanted some fresh spring looking flower arrangements for my farmhouse themed living room. I’m going to show you a few that I have made and give you instructions on one of them. Everything came from the Dollar Tree and was very inexpensive and easy to make. Trust me, if it’s not easy, it’s not getting made in this house.

The first arrangement I will show you is probably my favorite. I took the inspiration from the Pottery Barn. The inspiration piece cost approximately $40. Ummm NOPE! So I decided to try my hand at it myself. The supplies you need for this DIY are all from the Dollar Tree and are as follows:

  • 1 tall clear glass vase
  • 1 package of nautical rope
  • 4 onion grass bunches
  • 3 yellow cone flowers
  • 1 white spike flower bunch
  • hot glue and glue gun

You can use any flowers that you choose, these were just the ones that I chose and that fit into my decor.

Start by running a line of hot glue around the bottom of the vase and attach the rope. Continue wrapping the rope up the vase, dabbing hot glue every so often to hold the rope in place. 





Next start adding your flowers and arrange them to your satisfaction.










And the final step is to stand back and admire your work. Choose a spot in your home that you can see the arrangement often and think “I made that and it’s soooo pretty!!!”

Seriously though, this is super easy to do and I saved about $30 by doing it myself. Here are some of the other arrangements I have made using the same concept and all supplies from the Dollar Tree again. Hope you enjoy these and get some inspiration to create your own.



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