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The Lowest Point In A Woman’s Life

My oldest daughter, Kristen, is in college.  During her first semester, one assignment was to interview someone and write a paper based on their answer to this question:  What is the lowest point of a woman’s life?

WOW.  What a deep question and one that really can’t be answered lightly.  She decided to interview me, her mom.  I took a little time to think the question completely through before answering and here is what I came up with. 

There’s not just one low point in a woman’s life….but one of the first is when you watch your babies walk across the stage and receive their high school diploma. You are so very proud of them but at the same time you feel lost, insecure, and scared because you know they don’t need you as much anymore.

Another low point is when your kids move away either for college or just moving on with their own life.  Her (mom’s) life has revolved around her child’s life for so long that she no longer knows who she really is without them.

Another low point that a woman, or at least a mother, faces every single day is knowing when their child is sick or hurting and there is nothing they can do to fix it because that is what we do….we fix everything.  We make it so that their life is better and easier. When we can’t do that we feel helpless and useless.

Burying a parent, grandparent, or sibling is another low point.  That is her support system, her rocks.  To start losing the people that are important to her and her survival puts a pressure on a woman to maintain a confidence in herself that no matter what she will come out standing even when she feels like crumbling.   

There’s no way to pinpoint just ONE low point in a woman’s life because a woman’s heart and soul runs deep and she feels and hurts for everyone around her so much that she takes on the low points of others as well as her own.

I sometimes wonder how God knows when I’ve reached my limit of troubles…but then I realize He made me a woman for a reason….He knows I can do this.

Please drop me a comment below on a low point you have had in your life and how you overcame it.  We have to be a daily cheerleader and give encouragement to all women.  Together we can do anything.

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