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Revenge on Telemarketers!! How To Get THEM To Hang Up On YOU!

I’m writing this only 10 minutes after getting off the phone with a telemarketer from Card Membership Services.  “John” wanted to let me know that there was nothing wrong with my credit card at all, which is good since I don’t use it, and that he just wanted to tell me that I qualify for a lower interest rate.  WOW!  Thank you “John”.  Only thing is I wouldn’t have answered your call if you hadn’t hijacked one of my close friend’s number making me think I was getting a call from her!

Yes, the wonderful new but getting old scam that telemarketers have now adopted called spoofing.  What “John” didn’t realize is that I have actually done my research on this aggravation and know for a fact that it is considered illegal in some instances for telemarketers to “spoof” call you.  What they do is somehow hijack a local number and set their system to make calls making it look like a friend, family member, or even a local business is calling on the caller ID.  I also know that if reported and a claim filed that these companies can be in for some pretty stiff fines upwards of $10k per offense……so let the game begin.

I am about to give you a couple of different options on how to get rid of these pesky phones calls in less time than it takes for the phone to ring twice.  I have used all of these methods with great results.  The first method I’ve used when my kids were younger.  As soon as I heard that wonderful prescripted dialog begin I would say “please hold on for a second”, and proceed to hand the phone to one of the girls, who were very very young at the time, and tell them it was Santa on the phone and he wanted to know everything they wanted for Christmas.  It kept my child entertained for a good solid 5 to 10 minutes and they never knew that “Santa” had already hung up after about 30 seconds.

The next method is to just play dumb.  Every time they start to speak just continue to yell into the phone “WHAT!, I can’t hear ya. Speak up”.  You may have to repeat this method at least 3 times but I assure you, they will hang up.  Throw in a few phrases like “did you say…..???” making something off the wall up and you might get them to hang up even quicker.

The method I chose to use with “John” though was the “excited about the offer” method.  You may want to take notes on this one because it is even more efficient than the toddler method.  First, I asked the caller for his name, “John” was more than willing to become first name friends.  Next, I asked “John” what company he was calling from which he proceeded to very eagerly pronounce the company name, not knowing of course that he was throwing them under the bus.  Sorry John but you may not be up for that quarterly bonus coming up.  Then I made sure to ask “John” for a callback number with extension number just in case we got disconnected, which by this time, he was probably thinking that he had this in the bag!  After I got all of the info I needed required by the FCC, I proceeded to inform “John” that before he continued to give me the details of this so called great offer, I wanted to let him know that I would be filing a complaint with the FCC against him and the company he worked at for committing a violation of FCC regulations and spoof calling from a very dear friend of mine’s phone number……..CLICK……I don’t even think I got the entire explanation out before he hung up on me.  Wow “John”, I thought we were becoming great friends!

I will now proceed to file said claim with the FCC against “John” and his employer.  These telemarketers may never be completely stopped but we should at least hit them where it hurts, and hard.  According to the FCC website, under the Truth in Caller ID Act, FCC rules prohibit any person or entity from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongly obtain anything of value.  

So the next time you get an annoying telemarketer call try using one of these 3 methods and I guarantee you will be able to resume whatever you were doing in no time!!


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