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Hi!  I’m Michelle and I’m very excited that you have stopped by to check in on my chaotic life.  I’ve been a single mom for 6 years and in that time I have learned more ways to save money, do repairs, laugh at myself, and basically survive than you could ever imagine.  I’m still a chaotic mess but I’m making it one day at a time.  In this blog I will share money saving tips, couponing strategies, cleaning tips, ways to organize anything in your life, how to deal with teenagers, and anything else that presents itself in my every day living.  We will laugh together, cry together, get mad at the world together, and come out stronger for it together.  I’m not a sugar coater, I call it like I see it.  That little thing that most people have in the back of their brain that tells them “it might not be a good idea to say that” does not exist in mine.  No filter, no apologies…LOL  Therefore you never know what will come outta my mouth next but I guarantee you, it will be interesting if nothing else.  Stay tuned, grab some coffee, and buckle up….it’s about to get real!!





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